Turkey Gulet Holidays

About Turkey Gulet Holidays

Turkey stands at a point where Asia, Africa and Europe are closest to each other, a point where East meets West. 

The mainland of Anatolia has found favour throughout history thanks to its geographical location, and is the birthplace of many great civilizations. It has also been prominent as a centre of commerce due to its land connections to three continents and the sea which surrounds it on three sides. 

Turkey boasts a rich culture derived over the centuries which has left a lasting impression on modern civilisation. 

In recent years, Turkey has become a major tourist destination .The rapid development of both summer and winter resorts, means that you can be skiing in the mountains in the morning and swimming in the Mediterranean in the afternoon! Four seas lap the 800kms of coastline, so you can pursue a wealth of watersports, and with the advent of two international standard golf courses, our area really does have something for everyone.